There are 2 of us, Justin and Adam.

Adam has over 13 years experience in the IT, Computer Science, Printing and Electronics Industries.

Justin has over 10 years experience in Programming, Electronics, Welding, Gas Work, and Culinary Industries.

About 5 Years ago we started learning about Desktop 3D Printers through the RepRap.org movement. We researched the best one at the time and sourced it from China. Then assembled, calibrated, and configured a Prusa Mendel i2. There were many ups and downs and lots of lessons learned from this DIY Desktop 3D Printer, but all those experiences helped us understand how to troubleshoot any of the 3 key parts of printing: Hardware, Software or Material.

With electronics getting smaller and cheaper every day, Desktop 3D Printing has become affordable for the average person. The problem is most people who purchase a 3D Printer are unaware of the technical knowledge required to build, operate, upgrade, maintain and utilize the printer to its fullest.

That is where my friend and I come into the picture. We would like to help others with their 3D Printing troubles by writing blog posts, documenting projects, creating videos and keeping viewers engaged.