This page will contain prints that I have printed, as well as prints my friend has printed.

My First Print


This is a knurled bolt that was printed from the SD Card that came with my printer. I am not sure what the slicing settings were, but it appeared to have issues with infill and top and bottom layers coverage.

Other Prints Sliced using Simplify3D


Just a variety of some of the things I printed. A 50% sized Ocarina, a baby Groot planter, a polygon Charmander and a 90 degree shelf bracket I found on Thingiverse.

Then was lucky to come across a great Astroneer model on MyMiniFactory, I was worried that it was too tall for my build area, so I split the model in Meshmixer, making sure to keep 2 rows of the resources.

The chest is interesting, because it has a print in place hinge, and a small latch that holds it closed.

The Fish Fossilz model is one of my favorites because it prints entirely in place without support, and is very flexible.

Finally there is the catapult that is printed as one piece and has many pivoting points. It uses the bar of filament as its tension to spring back and shoot the object. To use it you just pull it back and hook it on the latch, then load a piece of balled up paper into it. Aim and pull back the lever, and the catapult will shoot. Mine is printed in PLA, so it loses its stiffness over time vs. ABS.

Dual Extrusion


Here is a great dual extrusion cat model I found online. I printed it using a Ooze shield since my printer has dual extruders. There are some issues with the white part of the model not filling in all the orange. I believe it is because the hot end cooling fan is only on the left extruder so the right extruder is not being cooled quick enough.