Damaged Gameboy Cartridge Replaced using Fusion 360 and 3D Printing

IMG_20180427_125257 (2)

I am always trying to find a project to work on. I have been watching videos of people buying broken retro game systems and repairing them, and that inspired me to look through my collection of retro game stuff to see if 3D Printing could fix anything.

I found a copy of Pokemon Blue my friend lent me that looks like a dog bit into it. The game still worked but inserting the cartridge into the Gameboy made crunchy noises. I checked on Thingiverse and found this by powertomato. I printed it, but when I was sanding down some of the parts, the tabs broke. Also I felt the top shell was too thin. I then found this by DomesticHacks, but it didn’t have a mounting hole and was missing some of the grips on the side of the cartridge.

So I pulled out my trusty calipers, and re-created the cartridge. I went through about 7 iterations, and now I have a cartridge that is very close to the original, I even tested it with the original shell and it fits.

Here is a video of the design process:

Here is a video of the printing:


The Result:Upclose

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