Using Autodesk Remake to 3D Print a Selfie

In a quest to print less things from Thingiverse and more of my creations. I decided to print a 3D selfie. There were suggestions on YouTube to use Autodesk Remake so I went with it.

The videos suggest for the best results and lighting, to take pictures outside on a cloudy day, so you dont have shadows, and light is evenly spread around you. I wanted to use my webcam so I did it at my computer indoors, in the evening, with lighting from a lamp above me. 

On my first attempt I had the camera above me and spun in my chair, with the timelapse software taking pictures every 3 seconds. After each revolution I would move the camera down to eye level then onto my desk. 
I moved the photos to my computer, then removed ones that were blurry or at a bad angle and ended up with 45 photos. The free version of Remake only allows upto 50 photos so I just made it under the limit. It processed and emailed me that it finished sucessfully. I downloaded and opened the file and …. Failure! My result appeared to have a blurry background and I was just a skin coloured blob in the middle. 

I decided to try again, this time moving the camera around in front of me from one side to another taking many photos and making sure to get some of the background, so the program has more reference points. I didnt take any pictures of the back of my head, and regretted that later. I uploaded these photos and after about 10 minutes I received a sucessful email, downloaded the file and… It Worked!

I was amazed by the results, it was a fully meshed and textured and looked pretty good. Since I didnt get any pictures of the back of my head, it was not meshed and open. I used the bridge gaps tool to fill in the opening, once I put a couple of joins I would use the fill holes tool to complete the mesh. There were a few bumps and valleys that I pulled and smoothed out. 

I exported the file to Meshmixer to orient it and give it a flat bottom. Exported the file as an .stl and opened it in Simplify3D. It had to be scaled up, since I forgot to set the dimentions in Remake. 

I loaded it into Simplify3D and set it to vase mode(I was impatient and wanted the print quicker). I cropped off the a few cm from the top of the model, since the filament would not have something to sit on, plus it allows me to use it as a vase.

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