Designing a Custom Camera Mount in Fusion 360 for 3D Printing Time Lapses

I have a Microsoft Life Cam HD3000 that I bought to use as a webcam for 3D Printing. On my previous printer, the Prusa i2, I just had the camera mounted on the lip of a jar, since the build platform was low. But for the Qudi Tech I, the build plate is high up in the machine.

To plan where I wanted the webcam, I moved it around the machine with the webcam preview window open, and found that against the plexi was nice. Since the camera was close to the build platform, I would have to design my mount to move left to right to capture anywhere on the print bed. While opening and closing the plexi glass door on the front of the printer, I noticed there was a bit of a gap between it and the machine so I decided to use that gap as a quick release.


I thought I could use this gap and the two surfaces on the inside of the machine and the outside of the plexi. I created a zig zag part, with a 0.6mm gap that I measured with my calipers. I designed and printed a small demo of this part to see if it would fit in the printer. It fit nicely, but the 0.6mm part was a bit flimsy, since I will be extruding it further, it should be stronger.


Since the webcam has some complex curves, I took a picture of it with a ruler next to it so I could trace the outline and match the dimentions. After I had the outline, I added the original mount that I tested.


After each iteration I printed a part and tested it with the camera and printer until eventually I had a complete part, that holds the camera securely but is able to be removed to operate and service the printer, and it can be slid horizontally so it can capture the print wherever it is placed on the print bed.

Here are the results:

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