Unclogging a Jammed Extruder on a Qidi Tech I


Using a dual extrusion 3D Printer has many benefits, one of them that I’m taking advantage of is having one nozzle I can test exotic filaments in, so if it jams I still have a second extruder to use while I troubleshoot the jam. The extrude jammed a few weeks ago, so I have been just using the second extruder for now.

I saw a Youtube video by Thomas Sanladerer suggesting against using a 0.4 mm drill bit to un-clog the extruder, but I wanted to try this anyways, so I ordered a set on Amazon. After heating up the extruder then pushing the bit in the nozzle, it still jammed.

So I watched a video on Youtube by Qidi Tech on unclogging a Qidi Tech I, I used the tools they provided to remove the two bolts from the left cooling fan, pulled them out. Disconnected the motor wire, then lifted the motor up and saw a broken piece of filament sticking out between the teeth of the gears and extruder block. Using needle-nose pliers I pulled it out. I reassembled the extruder then fed the new filament into it and was able to extrude.

Have been printing successfully since for about half a week.

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