Cosplay – FanExpo 2019 – The Last Samurai

This year I decided to go again in my The Last Samurai Costume, but make a helmet and mask. I also made some improvements to the armor panels and structure of the costume.


To make sure i wouldn’t miss anything I put it on a list.


Then I attempted to make my own mask based off the movie but struggled to figure out how to do it with meshmixer or fusion360 so I found a file on thingiverse and printed it. Luckily I didn’t leave my printer alone because I ran out of filament around 90% through the print, I swapped blue filament in and it worked.


There are these squares that connect pieces of chainmail, so I made some small and regular sized chainmail and went to work. I spent 8 hours on Saturday making one of the arms, then 7 on Sunday.

Once I was finished with the chainmail I still had energy so I found a tutorial on YouTube by Evil Ted, took screenshots of the helmet patterns and replicated them in Fusion 360. Since I don’t have a regular printer I printed the patterns on my 3d printer a few layers thick. I was able to get the main structure done before I went to bed.

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