Broken Guitar Stand – Fix with 3D Printing and Fusion 360

We were looking around the house for something that could be fixed with 3D Printing.

Justin said that his guitar stand was missing the Y shaped plastic fork that holds the neck of the guitar. I offered to design it and he could print it on his Prusa Mendel i3 printer.


He measured the hole that the fork fit into, and measured the width and depth of the neck of the guitar.


Then I sketched out a very rough design in OneNote.



Using the measurements that Justin provided me, I created a new project in Fusion 360 and created the shapes I wanted using a couple lines and arcs.



I extruded and used the join feature to connect the circle to the half circle part.


Justin mentioned that this wont print on his FFF 3D Printer without support material, so I extruded just the bottom of the object down, so it was level with the lowest part of the cylinder.

Then to make it look nice we added fillets to the half circle and a fillet on the end of the cylinder.Fusion360_2017-06-29_20-18-51

The print printed successfully the first time, however it was a bit loose in the stand. We think this is because we measured it with a ruler instead of digital calipers . Also since we used ABS there is more shrinkage expected. We deliberately designed the cylinder to be a bit longer than we needed to compensate for this.

Here are our results:

The Print              Installed

and the trial run….Success!!



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